Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Monday: Talking Heads And She Was

I am a big Talking Heads fan. I also am a huge fan of David Byrne. A little known fact or perhaps it is more widely known than I knew, he is a poet. About three years ago, the Franklin Park Conservatory had an exhibit which featured some of his "trees." I managed to find his book, Arboretum,  on Amazon. It is amazing fun and very inspiring.

My book club has been reading Loving Frank,which is a bit of historical fiction, focused on Frank Llyod Wright's long time companion, Mamah Borthwick. We had a very good discussion of the book yesterday, focused on self, feminism, where we are today verses 100 years ago.

The interesting thing for most of and me especially is how Mamah, who played such a central figure in Frank's life for about 12 years, is seemingly lost in history. I took 2 modern American architecture classes in college and trust me, we focused on Frank alot, and not even a mention of Mamah. She has been erased. She poses inconvenient questions and challenges us. Her radical feminist choices at the turn of the century certainly challenged a few of us in the book club.

This got me thinking. Is it still so with women? Are we somehow erasable still?

Most of us lead ordinary lives, doing ordinary things. A hundred years from now, a great grand child might be interested enough to nose about, but for the most part, we leave our marks while we are alive, in small ways and when we are gone, well the world moves on.

Just as in the song - she was. She was and now the world is moving on and she is float high above the clouds.

My existence as a writer is contained on a few flash drives, on the archives of the Naked Sunfish. This blog and a few others. I have written alot. I hope to keep on writing. In 30 years who knows, maybe I will have published a book or two. Still in 50-100 years, I likely will be erased. I will be but a fleck of dust in the stratosphere.

What will people remember. It used to be castles were built, fortunes amassed, the power of a legacy were very important. Now I think we lead lives and then we die.

I recently checked out the tv series Being Human. Sally is a ghost. Trapped. Her life over and those she loves, their lives are carrying on. Time marches on, while her clock stopped. Forever.

And she was...

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