Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday: Material Girl

I decided I have too much stuff in my closet. Understand about a year and half ago, I finally let myself part with most of suits and dress pants and jackets from the banking days. That went to friends or Dress for Success.

My taste seems to be evolving in terms of clothing and sometimes things just don't work. Sometimes thing shrink, especially cuz I love shopping at H & M, Forever 21, and Target. I am not investing top dollar these days.

I have a hard time parting with clothing, even clothing I am no longer wearing. I always think that I might need it or I will change my mind. I should also note, that my closet is not really all that big. Thanks so some thoughtful engineering, H made it usable, but I cannot exactly stand in my closet and see everything. Getting to the back corner is challenging.

Lately though, as I do the laundry, I look at what I am washing and it is often the same few items. Am I in a rut, maybe. The fact remains however, I am wearing the same items over and over and ignoring others.

Reading this blog - a pretty penny over the last few weeks, I decided I either start wearing a wider variety of clothing or I cull the closet with ruthlessness. I choose a mixture of the two. I am committed to breaking out of my rut and I am going to try and cull the closet by 30%. I made a nice dent in it tonight. I let go of a number of items I just haven't worn and don't plan to wear anytime soon.

I also think I need to curb my clearance enthusiasm again. I only shop in fits and bursts, I really do not like shopping all that much, but every now and again, I get the shopping bug and just can't help myself.

H and I are trying to raise children, not completely caught up in consumerism and it is working. I stress to L the importance of people, not things. She makes things. It is hard though, we live in a consumer driven economy. There is stuff everywhere. There are slick ads and catchy jingles on every radio and tv station. L is reading now and can read the ads in magazines and newspapers. (and online.)

I was pleased though, that at Christmas, E's first trip to Toys R Us, ever happen because he had a gift card and then he shared it with his sister. We just don't go there. I do not kill time shopping.

I can easily say yes to homemade jelly at the farmers market or fancy soap at the farmers market, but I struggle with all this crap we think kids need. Gaming systems and expensive mini cars that drive on the sidewalk. Those hand held things every child seems to have at every event, the DS, or whatever.

That said I struggle telling them no when they want books, craft supplies or puzzles.

I have indulged their desire to collect some silly bands, Go-Gos and now Japanese erasers.

L does have a flare for fashion, but she is picky and she is price conscious, for now. She gets that the cheaper stuff is at the back of the store.

So I am in a reduce phase again. I know we are living in a material world, but I think it is wasteful for me to have all these items in my closet that I am simply not going to wear. So I have bagged them up and I plan to take another critical eye at my closet again tomorrow. Some are going to a friend and the rest will go to charity. I have to think, someone will find something they just can't live without and that will make everyone happy.

(note this is one of my LEAST favorite Madonna songs. That said it fit.)

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