Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazing how the time passes in...

the yarden. We have had buckets and buckets of rain, and in my opinion, not nearly enough sun, but the yarden and its bounty marches onward. We in that lull between early spring flowers and late spring, early summer flowers. Everything is lush and green.

 E and I planted marigolds and some other flower in the porch boxes. These poor guys normally have to endure an amazing amount of sun, but this week, they have been misted daily. We planted last Saturday.
 My beautiful Iris. This is the most blooms we have ever had.

 My mother in law, when E was a baby engaged in some clandestine planting. She brought the Iris from her yarden to our, putting it in a bare spot in our front flower beds. It has slowly grown and taken over that section. I love the Iris and this one is especially pretty and purple.
 This will eventually bloom yellow. The deer don't eat it and it is hardy.

 I invested in this over the rail flower box. I am testing out some purple basil and some other little vine like plant. E and L picked the flowers. If this works, I likely will buy another flower box or two.
 My herbs. The catnip seeds are slowly sprouting on the left side of the planter.
 Peas. I am hopeful for peas in a few weeks to a month.
 What is left of the lily of the valley.
 My pink daisy is so big this year and the lilies on the right. Last year they were munched to the ground by deer or other animals, but not this year.

 I planted glades this year - the bulbs are already sprouting. I am so hopeful for some beautiful glades this summer.

 The lambs ear. Soon it will bloom purple and attract a ton of bees.
 L put this together. She likes the colors. I told her it is her pot and she will have to water it, once the rainy season is over.
See, aren't they beyond lovely. They bloom now, after the riot of tulips and daffodils. Smart Iris, bloom at a time when the others are fading or not out yet!

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