Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Monday: I can ride my bike with no handle bars

well not really.


I did take a great bike ride Friday, the first of the season. Went with a friend who is new to town and I was showing her the trails which wind through my area.

This song is one of E's all time favorites. When it first hit the airwaves, I think he was around 3 years old and he had shown us no signs of being music obsessed the way his sister was from birth. When L was a baby she refused to sleep without her CD playing. (Now she refuses to sleep with the CD playing.) E as a baby refused to sleep with a CD playing, now he refuses to go to sleep without his music.

I digressed. So one day sitting in traffic, this song comes on the radio and I hear his little voice, singing along to the song. Later, I would hear him playing with his toys, humming or singing the refrain to this song.

We generally bike a good bit in the summer. This summer I think will be the first summer we will not make use of the Burley baby carrier for the bikes. I suspect E will ride the bike attached to mine or will finally be ready to go under his own steam. (One can hope.)

Today my friend and I took a tour around the area and then checked out the O’Shaughnessy Dam. There is a new park and observation area. The heavy and sustained rains have filled the rivers and the water flowing over the dam was nothing short of awe inspiring. So much water.

We watched some cranes cruising the area, saw a lone Canadian Goose swoop overhead and then watched some small birds, maybe sparrows, race and chase and come very close to being swept away. With it being spring and all, they seemed rather amorous, and sadly, the joy of spring led to the death of one of the birds, I think. In all their flapping and dancing and picking what has to be one of the most dangerous spots to mate, one little bird appeared to be swept away by the rushing water.

Such is life I suppose.

Friday started out grey and raw but the afternoon gave way to some beautiful sun and crystal blue skies. It really was a wonderful day to break back into biking again.

And just in case anyone wondered - yes I can ride my bike without holding on to the handle bars BUT I am of an age to know that it is best I hold onto the handle bars.

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