Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday: Ke$ha Blow

Ke$sha - Blow

She sings of going insane - Throwing glitter and making it rain. I am not sure about you, but glitter makes me insane. It goes everywhere, sticks to everything except what you want it stuck to.

Which is why I had to be a class A nut job to agree to help with L's dance costumes for her upcoming Wonderland show. She is a mad hatter and making the glittered vests nearly drove me mad.

It is no secret that I have been getting my craft on more regularly and that I do have some talent in that department. So when the dance instructor asked for help, I agreed, reluctantly to tackle this glitter project.

It was a bigger project than I ever imaged. She suggest I free hand the checker board pattern. I have to say that would have been a disaster, so I created a template using 2" lightly tacky painters tape. My friend and proprietor of Rogue Bakery watched as I taped out each vest. (6 in total)

Then using glitter and gem glue, I painted each square and dusted it with black glitter. This was not without its challenges. The glue ran, causing fabric discolorations. Keeping a handle on piles of glitter is a challenge, I used a cookie sheet and wax paper, but still, it is messy business.

The glue dried very quickly, so even working efficiently, I struggled.

When I removed the tape, I will say the squares were very square, which was nice, but it did not look right.

After sleeping and mulling over the problem, it occurred to me, I had to complete the checker board, so I went back and free-handed the remaining squares.

All was going well until I ran out of glitter.

The store was out of glitter and I was out of time to shop the free world for the same glitter, so I bought something similar.

It yielded mixed results.

But I finished. They looked fair, to poor to ok. I was not in love with the results. Everyone has said, it won't matter on the stage.

That said, if I were to do them over and there is no chance that is going to happen, but if I were, I think I would have used black fabric paint and then gone over that with some glitter glue. The fabric was satiny and it seemed to absorb the glue like crazy.

I do think using the tape was smart, at least to get the pattern going.

In general I do not allow glitter in the house. L was never allowed to have glitter in any of her art kits. I threw that stuff out. While I have some glitter-y make up, I seldom wear it. I once had lotion with glitter in it until H said one day, "Just throw that stuff out. We both end up with glitter everywhere when you wear it."

Just like I posted to facebook, glitter really is the spawn of the devil. I thought I had it all cleaned up, only to find more of it Saturday morning and L,  late Saturday, after her dress rehearsal came home caked in it. Even a shower couldn't shake it all loose and now, as I type, I am picking pieces of glitter out of my hair.

Go Insane, Go Insane, Throw some Glitter, Make it Rain...

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