Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dusk in the Yarden

I braved the early part of what could be an energetic storm, to capture some pictures of the newest addition to our yarden and some of the fresh blooms. This gorgeous rust colored Iris is from a neighbor. She posted to the neighborhood's facebook page, that she had iris to share and I have admired this rusty gem all season, so naturally I talked H into walking over and digging one up. You are suppose to wait til late summer, early fall to split these, but it naturally split as H dug it up, so that is how it goes. We had this empty spot, just begging for something beautiful.

 Such a lovely burst of color, don't you think?
 Peas! I am going to have peas this year.
 The lettuce is coming along also, it is shady here, so it grows slowly.
 I have had this chive plant since college. It has moved as we have moved.
 Thus far my porch box is doing very well. I love the purple basil, so beautiful and flavorful too.
This is E's. He grew it at school. We think it might be a pepper plant. Whatever it is, it is growing like a weed.
 Our newest wind chime. I love the color and the music isn't bad either.
 This afternoon, the yellow blossoms were all open and it was beautiful, I guess the blooms sleep while the sun sleeps too!
 Peony. I just love them but the blooms get pretty beaten up by a hard rain, so I rushed to document these beauties before the rain came.

 The white one is suffering a bit, too close to the radon pump, so I am going to move it somewhere else, the question is where... I keep threatening to dig up some grass and make another flower bed, filling it with peony, only they last for such a short period of time and while the plant is pretty, it is boring without the blossoms. I suspect I could pair them with something, but I am just not sure. In any case, the white one will be moved this season, before it dies.
 My iris, still looking beautiful, and the only flower in bloom in our front flower beds.
 This bush like plant, blooms yellow. It lasts most of late June and nearly all of July. We moved it from our other house and it has slowly taken over. I am going to have to split it this year, as it has spread into the iris.

 Stormy skies.

 Last year the deer or something munched these to the ground. This year they have bloomed an especially deep pink. Some ended up being double headed.

A pretty pink volunteer snap dragon. I planted snap dragons here last year. If you don't pull them out at the end of the summer, sometimes you get some to return.

If you want some violets, please do stop by, I have them everywhere and would love to share.

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