Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday-- Adele Set Fire to the Rain

So last week in a Twitter conversation it was suggested that there was little difference between "digging in the dirt" and "rolling in the deep." I agreed -- both are equally challenging options.

On Saturday night I went to Agora 9 at Junctionview Studios. H and I have gone to this event before. It is a very nice expo by some amazing artists. I love supporting the local art scene. Last night I saw a work I really liked, but I have to think about where I might put it...

We went because my friend is part of a fire group called Quantum Fire. They put on a fire show last night.

Fire Show:
directly following the Fashion show: Quantum Fire presents The Primal Urge

The Primal Urge is based on the speech that Aristophanes makes in Plato's Symposium. (Symposium means "drinking together" in Greek.) The concepts expounded by Aristophanes in his speech laid the groundwork for Western culture's romantic notion of soul mates.

It is the first time I have seen him in action. I have seen fire demos before but nothing like the show last night. It was interesting.

So I thought a song about fire would very appropriate for today's Music Monday.

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