Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snapaphoto: Week 4 Ask a Stranger

So if you know me well, you know I am not one to ask a stranger much of anything. I think talking to strangers is dangerous business. Even in NYC, when E and I were struggling with the exit directions from the subway at Time Square, I did not want to ask the police office/security guard for help.

E says: Mom, he is a helper stranger, it is ok to ask helper strangers for help.

Me: Helper strangers?

E: you know, Police and Firefighters, army officers and nurses in appropriate settings.

Long story short, we asked said helper stranger (police/security guard) and he gave us bad directions. So I am still dubious about talking to even helper strangers.)

This challenge proved very challenging. The beginning of the week I was no that lent itself to stranger picture taking and then I was NYC with E. I saw a beautiful man at the Intrepid. He would have been fun and interesting to photograph, but I chickened out.

I did snap a great picture of a wonderful girl, who made me the most amazing fried egg, served over some amazing stir fried veggies and early spring greens! Her smile is as amazing as her cooking!

I will tell you all more about where you can find her and her amazing food tomorrow and Thursday! So stay tuned.

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