Thursday, July 26, 2012

In a word-- Ouch!

So I purposefully did not tell very many people about my trip to periodontist. Why? Cuz I really didn't want to know about anyone's experience or their sister's cousin's husband's horror story.

The fact is I had some moderate to severe receding of the gums, lower front and around the very far right molar. I have known this for a few years. Actually we have been watching it for 10 years now. In the last three, watching it get alot worse. Last year, I should have done something about it, but mom was very ill and dying and I just couldn't go there.

This spring, I had two consultations, picked the doctor I liked best and then had to figure out a week, where H was home to take me and I could have a peaceful weekend to rest up.

On purpose I did zero research and listened/read zero first hand stories. Both doctors were very clear about what they intended to do, the best course of action and I just did not want to hear anyone's horror stories. I also did not try and check it out on You Tube. My dentist had been clear in his referrals and was very candid about what he thought would need to be done. Both periodontists gave me written information. I made an informed decision, but skipped the possibly inflammatory stories.

Beside the gum grafting procedure, I had a frenectomy on the lower lip as well. My doctor felt that the lower frenulm was causing some of the gum pull, which speeds the erosion.

I elected to have these procedures with just the local. I do not react well to the drugs used to knock you out and having never tried the gas, I wasn't sure how that would go either. I have no allergy to Novocaine, so that is what we went with. Boy howdy did I get the mother load of Novocaine! I lost track how much she was injecting me with.

I won't lie, being awake and watching her sew gum tissue together in the reflection of her glasses was not fun. I closed my eyes. Twice my mouth started to "wake up" and I was not a hero, I went for more Novocaine. I think there was an impressive amount of blood involved too.

It really wasn't fun, but it wasn't horrible either. It took about an hour.

One of the amazing things and something that put me at ease going into the procedure was that she called in a RX ahead of time for me to pick up. H and the kids went to lunch and to play in the park while I was under the knife and came back when I was done. We came straight home and I took my painkillers and antibiotic. No waiting at the pharmacy. I loved that she was proactive and so focused on my convenience and comfort.

I will say I wasn't lying when I posted this to my facebook page about 25 minutes after getting home--->
    • I never thought I would say this-- but I have discovered something that hurts worse than natural childbirth! Way worse. Way,way,way worse...

Honestly as I was thawing out, boy howdy that hurt, throbbed. I was shocked how much it hurt. It took a little while for the pain pills to start working and ice helped, but it hurt. So much more than I had expected. This is the downside to Novocaine. It does not slowly fade, it is zero to 60. I have a high pain tolerance. I do. I birthed an 8 pound baby with no drugs. I labored with a Pit drip and birthed a 7.5 pound baby, no drugs. This dental procedure, hurt like a bitch before the pain pills kick in. It is a pain like I have never felt before.

If you are curious about the the process I found this blog post which sums it up nicely. My stars I hope she is right when she says it isn't that bad the next day. I have managed some carrot, orange ginger juice and a good sized chunky monkey shake. Sipping water also seems to soothe and keeps that dry mouth feeling at bay. I made myself some lentil soup and veggie broth and thawed some homemade apple sauce. Soft food will be the name of game for at least a week.

There is a chance the graft won't take. That is something I just don't even want to think about. I am not sure I am up for trying this again. Then again listening to her go over the dental implant information as the Novocaine took effect, let's just say that route doesn't sound any less painful.

Cross your fingers.

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