Monday, December 3, 2007

On no - was that snow?

Well it has happened. It is really really winter in Ohio. We had snow this afternoon. Not alot mind you - just enough the show up on the dark brown mulch and the deck! Not anything like the storm in the Northeast.

I just happen to dislike snow. It is cold, wet, makes a mess, requires me to shovel it off the drive way. It also turns driving into a exercise of avoiding certain death. No one in certain parts of Ohio knows how to drive in the snow. It is not an every day winter occurrence and I understand that - but please do not drive 50 miles per hour down the unplowed side streets and expect to be able to stop!

For our first wedding anniversary we went to Breckenridge, CO - which is a lovely place. Like an Alpine village. We went skiing. I have mixed feelings about skiing - it is cold and if you fall as much as I do - then you end up with a wet butt. What is fun I ask you about a cold wet butt? My feelings about the chair lift are a complete post of their own - in any event after three days I asked H what about skiing was preferable to spending a week on a warm sunny beach?

I just am not a fan of snow - but I need to get over it. I plan to mourn the official passing of Fall the rest of the day and then attempt to embrace winter. It is only a few months long (I hope!) and I need to just get over it and put on a smiley face. On the upside - I am going to smile when I go outside anyway - it is cold enough to freeze the frown on my face and that would be terrible!

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