Monday, December 10, 2007

Writers Notebook

Well I have heard nothing back on the short story I submitted about a month ago. I am going to go with a they are not into it. I also have not heard from the literary journal I submitted my poetry and a short story - so again I am thinking they are not impressed.

So it is onward and upward. I am going to work on a novella for submission to another contest - this time with a well known publisher. I have the story outlined and I have the fist 1000 words written - and sometimes that is the hard part.

I also have an idea for a personal essay for another journal I have been reading.

So there are no shortage of ideas bouncing around over here. Someone will like something - eventually!

I should also mention that the poetry is flowing out of me - at an alarming rate. Maybe I should tell people I am a poet........


IHateToast said...

everyone gets the 'no' letters first. everyone. don't get discouraged.

Susan said...

Thanks Toasty One! I would settle for NO at this point - it is the no word no reply that grates. But onward we march!