Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ouch that hurts...

Today I saw Dr. M - who can I just say is so awesome. He is my chiropractor and natural medicine doctor - yep the one who has me on the wacky eating plan! I love him! He fixes up my hips and shoulders - which sadly have not survived motherhood completely enacted! I liken my post baby body to that of Humpty Dumpty. The kings men may have very well put him back together again - but is anything ever really as good as new. I think not. I have come back together very nicely - but there are still some minor issues.

Today was a regularly schedule visit! But had it not been - I would have begged an audience anyway. My right hip was killing me. I had run on Friday and gutted out the 5K - but I could tell all was not well. Then on Saturday the playing in the pool and the walking around the Winter Wonderland in the cold - did not help matters and then I was sitting in our big chair and my posture was not the best.

Come Monday, I could hardly do the leg work out with my trainer - ouchy! Last night I had a very loud creaky cracking popping noise and some relief but not much. Then today in Yoga I could so tell not all was well.

So by the time I hobbled into his office I was ready to start popping pills! Well in short order he found the spot - Yikes that hurt - worked it out and adjusted me and I am like a new girl! Wow! So he sent me home and told me to soak in a hot bath for the next three days and gave me some stretched to do for the next week or so and told me, "For goodness sake if it hurts to run over the next week - Don't!" Ok Ok will try to be good.

My problem is - I have an high pain tolerance - really I do! I can take alot - before I throw in the towel. I have over the the course of my life dealt with TMJ and the associated headaches (all resolved by the way), endometerious and an ruptured ovarian cyst - um yeah that hurts. I also choose to have both L & E the old fashion way and I would do it again! It was not that bad - but all of this does not prove I am superwoman - only that I can handle a fair amount of pain and manage. This is good for my liver - less need to take medication but bad - because I gut it out and could be causing some damage - especially with the hip situation.

So I am going to take it easy and be a good girl.

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