Sunday, March 9, 2008

Got Snow?

Well I have so much that is you want some - you come on over. It is seriously too much. It started snowing at 10 am on Friday and stopped about 6 pm yesterday. I shoveled a path on Friday after, which was a complete waste of time. It was covered and drifted over in no time.

The kids and I tried to shovel the drive way this morning and who was I kidding. Me and two kids 5 and under trying to shovel 20 inches of snow. Needless to say we went in and gave up and hoped for the best. I had made arrangements for someone to plow, but had not heard from them and then my lovely neighbors came over and used their snow blower and some brute force and I am free and clear of snow. I am so baking them cookies.

Have I mentioned I am not a fan of snow - well just so you know. I am not and frankly I have had enough winter. I am ready for spring. Now! L suggested we cover the snow in blankets and it would melt faster. At this point I just might try that!

It might actually, now that I think about it, be fall before all of this snow melts. Perish the thought.


Cyn said...

The Dispatch said "Blizzard of 2008." Most snow since a storm in 1910. I love historical events.

Anonymous said...

aw man. luckeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

We got as much here, but 2 feet of snow happens several times a season here. Anyway- I was totally thinking of you when I heard how bad it was there- reminded me wonderfully of your wedding day eve and wedding day!