Sunday, March 23, 2008

Watch Out Martha the Gluten Free Mavens are running your direction!

I tried something this year for Easter. I baked a lamb cake. It is a lamb shaped cake mold. H's mom did it every year. I skipped last year but decided this year I would give it a try. Then, because I am a crazy girl, I decided to up the ante and make it gluten free! Yep - I baked a cake that I can eat also. Now I have already tried this cake mix out (Whole Foods 365 Brand White GF cake mix) - on my brother for his birthday and it baked well. So I knew the cake itself tastes pretty good. So I had that going for me. The wrinkle this go round, would be, could this gluten free cake bake and bake correctly in the lamb cake mold. My MIL always made a sponge cake or something similar, never did she try gluten free.

I am pleased to say that it worked. It took a bit longer to bake than her instructions, but not too much longer. I was more than a bit apprehensive that the rice flour cake might crumble when I tried to remove it from the pan. I am pleased to say that it came out with no problems whatsoever. Furthermore, the lamb stood upright, without flaking or crumbling.

Another great baking moment. I found marshmallow creme at Whole Foods that does not have corn syrup in it - hence I can eat it also. I made a great frosting with butter, powdered sugar, and marshmallow creme. Yumm-o and easy and also sticky. All the better to attach shredded coconut with! (I am not really supposed to have the butter I guess - but it normally does not bother me - so a little bit will not hurt me. Now the sugar in all of this - well it could be deadly!)

Now as to taste - well I will get back to you on that detail. But is sure does look pretty!


Anonymous said...

ooooh, i didn't know i could feed your frog!

oh, off topic.

the lamb looks great. i've never tried to eat a gluten-free cake. i'll have to give it a go. i'm always worried it'll be too heavy. that one you did looks great.

Susan said...

Applesauce is the key and it is denser than a wheat flour cake, think the consistancy of corn bread only a bit lighter and moister.