Friday, March 7, 2008

Springing forwards and Falling back is for the birds

I think the entire messing with the clocks, the biannual time change is a silly idea. There is no good reason to mess with the clocks. A new study proves it.

It is silly to have to run around and change all the clocks, reset every watch you own, deal with the change and pitfalls and shift in the children's schedules (or pets, I understand it is a pain for dogs especially, since they tend to go out on a set schedule.) People forget or run late or arrive early to meetings for the first few days. A mess.

And for what? More daylight in the morning or evening. I guess 100 year ago that was an issue, but now we all have electric lights and can adjust and I am just not a fan of messing with the nature rhythms of life. I know time is a man made construct loosely based on some scientific observation and local customs, but enough already. We have a 24 hour day and some of it or more of it will be daylight depending on the season and that is just the way it is. Deal with it.

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