Sunday, March 23, 2008

What I can handle...

I have been pondering this for a bit. My menu is a challenge. I admit that. It is complicated shopping. I read a ton. I study the small print and I look at every single label. It takes me awhile at the grocery. It really does. I really like fruits and veggies - they are lableless and I know I can eat them.

I take food with me all the time. I carry something in my purse I know I can eat. Today, I took boiled eggs to church, because I knew much of what was going to be served at bunch I could not eat for one reason or another. Preparing for my vacation, I have stocked up on some of my favorites which travel well. I am scared of being trapped in an airport with no Susan friendly food.

My friend at the gym questions how I can manage this diet. Well I feel great. I feel wonderful and I look great and I just do. But I have been thinking about this. I think that the Universe only serves up challenges that YOU can handle. Be it God, s higher power, Karma or whatever - YOU are presented with challenges, which will challenge but not break you.

My friend J has two children with severe food allergies. J is on top of things and is very vigilant. The universe put her kids in great hands.

Me? Well I am determined and driven and organized and able to deal with the food issues. The upside is huge and there is limited downside really. I have to be thoughtful about what I am eating and what I bring with me - and really McDonald's and Chinese is not really a choice for me - but I feel great!

So we learn and grow as challenges present themselves and ultimately that is the point. One can live without toast - I would really rather not, not be challenged. I think a life stagnet sounds horrible - more horrible than no being able to eat jelly beans or milk shakes or pancakes.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Sus, did you just call me VIRULENT?!?!? Have I offended? Okay- I should call more... Really, virulent? Calling me a bitch would have been much kinder! Please tell me that was a spell-check gone awry.

Susan said...

OMG I am sooooo sorry. VIGILANT. You are the best where their allergies were concern. A compliment! Truly. This will teach me to write blog posts on very little sleep and a brain completely mussy after too much article writing - yikes. I need an editor and I need her NOW!

Anonymous said...

"A life stagnant - sounds horrible."

Interesting choice of words....