Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gut check

So I went to my family doctor yesterday and he sent me to see the vampire. Have I mentioned I do not like needles.

We are going to get some baselines and rule some things out. Otherwise he advises that I not eat things that make ill.

So I finally relented and am going to follow my homeopath's suggestions and try some, well alternative therapies. So this afternoon I went to a SPA (for lack of a better word) that specializes in hydrotherapy, ionic foot baths and they have a rockin infrared spa. All designed to detox the body and help me heal myself.

Can't hurt and I feel good, if not kind of tired.

The reality is, my poor gut is beat up from years of trying to digest poison and at this point, I am willing to try alternative ideas.

So I will go back in a few weeks for round 2 and I am taking some probiotics to support my gut.

I am also on my bare bones diet, of fruits, veggies, rice and meat. Some nuts and seeds and that is it. Nothing processed and nothing with more than 5 ingredients. It is boring, but it works and at this point - I will take it.

As long as I feel ok, I am game.

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