Friday, April 17, 2009

Writers Notebook - Full Circle

So I have come full circle. Two years after writing my first story after at least 8 years of putting the pens and paper away, I have submitted another story to the Washington Post Magazine's annual love story contest. This time around - the story is 10 times better.

I have revised it - with the help of a number of gentle readers. I am blessed to have readers who will be honest with me ;)

I really like this story. It is a departure for me. I pushed myself with this one. I read it for those who attended the Naked SunFish read-a-loud and frankly that was the idea I have had to date. To ready stories out loud. I could hear it and because of that experience, I made some changes, to verbiage and the like.

So now - I do what I have learned to do best. Let it go. It is in the hands of the editors and the committee who will read the submissions and they will either like or not. Or they will like it, but they will like someone's work better. The important thing to me is - I wrote a solid story and I am pleased with the advances I have made in my craft and I am determined to continue writing and improving day after day.

After all, a writer writes.

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IHateToast said...

good on ya!

and good luck.