Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Blood work that is. Everything came back normal to great. The Celiac's test came back indeterminate to normal. Which I expected, given that I am strictly gluten free and have been for three years.

I do feel better. Slowly I feel like I am returning to normal. So whatever I ate was isolated. I have cut back on nuts and I am eating mainly fruits and veggies, meat and rice. I am kicking up and shaking up the exercise routine and most of all I am trying to relax and just take care of myself.

In terms of supportive care, I am seeking my homeopath, taking some high dose proboitics and drinking a tone of herbal tea.

So while I am not normal as a general rule, it feels good to know that my blood work was normal and perhaps this hiccup is just that - a hiccup and a sign that perhaps I need to ease up on myself, relax a bit more and take life at a slightly slower pace.

I am committed to caring for my body, my mind and my soul - because it is triumvirate. Each influences the other.


Anonymous said...

Are you getting enough sleep? Sometimes that can cause problems if you are not. Just a thought.


Susan said...

there is that as well. In general yes - I sleep well - although the 4 yr old is up often of late. I also think I need to be better about going to bed a bit earlier. Also on my new to do list :)