Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So... I have been not feeling my best for the past month or so. I had been thinking I have been eating something I should not. But I have been super careful and frankly I am feeling worse and not better.

So today my trainer and I had a phone conference with my homeopath and we have decided that perhaps I am developing an issue with tree nuts. My symptoms are as follows:

1. Fever blisters on my tongue
2. Sore, closing throat feeling
3. Sinus pain (but not a headache)
4. Weight gain
5. Other tummy maladies
6. Feeling blah

At first I thought perhaps it was my body struggling with the emotional upheaval.

But now I think it might be something else.

I eat a lot of nuts. Hello they taste good and what the hell else am I eating. On any given day - I might have 2 TBS of peanut butter or almond butter. A Lara Bar (nuts), some nuts in my ceral mix - which I make myself.

I also drink Almond Breeze as a source of calcium and something drink in general.(at least a serving per day - sometimes a bit more...)

Not to mention I flavor stuff with nuts and I take a flax oil supplement.

So for the next 10 days - I am going to try and not eat any nuts and see if that brings any relief. I am also off to see my family doctor and I think - as much as I am loathed to do this - that I am going to pursue being allergy tested and have the formal testing for Celiacs. I would rather not, but I also would rather not continue to learn the hard way that I am poisoning myself - or perhaps something else is wrong.

It is disheartening to work so hard and eat so very little and still feel cruddy. I have gained 10 pounds - without so much as indulging in extra treats, eating more or changing my work outs... While I think it is mostly water and bloat from an upset tummy - I am not happy.

So now I am going to be brave and well - eat less than nothing.

It is a good thing that I like fruit and veggies like I do.... can a woman live on meat, rice, veggies, fruits and virgin dark chocolate alone, sadly I think I might be headed in that direction.


Anonymous said...

sending hugs. sorry things are so crappy on the food issues for you.


Susan said...

It is puzzling. But I am going to try. My ob/gyn today drew some blood to get the thyroid test and hormone tests squared away.

I am off to my normal doctor for a physical and all of that next week.

I will see this through - the weight gain was abrupt and I am just feeling off and I had been feeling so good...