Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cancer Live Update

Yesterday was a great day - unless you were the well documented tumors in my mother's lungs. The day glow cocktail my Mom imbibed in February did its job! There are no new tumors and the existing ones are smaller or the same! Awesome!

The grand poopba is pleased. He praised our efforts with the Low Iodine Diet. Yeah!

So the next steps are monitor those tumors, so Mom will have blood work and an MRI and a CAT Scan. We head back to see the poopba around Halloween. The Day-Glo cocktail is still working and will continue to for a few months. He wants us to wait and we will take it as it comes.

The hope all along was/is that the Radio Iodine (Day-Glo cocktail) would do exactly what it has done. Then we continue monitering, until her bloodwork or scans indicate that the tumors are growing or new ones have cropped up!

So in October we will know - was the lull in growth - a short or possibly long term accomplishment. If/When those bad boy start growing again - then we would consider clinical trials and chemo... the chemo is a rough deal and right now - mom is working, feeling ok and if the tumors will just hang and not grow - then chemo offers - experimental chemo does not have much to offer in terms of net gain.

So all around - a great outcome.

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