Saturday, May 16, 2009

A differnt point of view

It is no secret, I have been seeking alternative therapies and supportive care for my food issues. Modern medicine has little to offer me, short of do not eat the things that make you ill. Good plan and advice really, but what about the symptoms and the malaise which follows accidental exposure. My tummy does not unknot itself overnight. In retrospect this last exposure I think highlighted an ongoing and accumulating issue... one that had been building up and I was just not as plugged in as I usually am.

Having a stomach and intestines tied in knots is not fun.

So I have sought out some different remedies and I think they are working. Would time have done the same? Maybe? Do I feel better today? Yep!

So when I read about the young boy in MN, who is forgoing cancer treatment - proven treatment, I am left unsure of how I feel. On one hand, I think everyone should have the right to choose their own treatment plan. He is a young adult. The details of the case were murky.

I think this case though cast much doubt on natural providers and that is unfair. These "non" medical remedies and treatments have merit. Supportive care has merits.

I feel very present in my body. I credit YOGA and my desire to feel my best. I listen to my body. I feel connected to my body. I very likely have a chronic and have had a chronic auto-immune disorder from childhood. Much damage has already been done to my tummy and intestines.

My hope is by watching my diet and exercising and managing and supporting my body, I can do no more harm and hopefully my body will be well enough supported to heal itself. I believe that is possible. I believe we can heal.

For many traditional doctors, it is about treating. For me it is about supporting. How can I best support my immune system. How can I best support my body.

I think certainly there are quacks out there - some went to medical school and other did not, but I also think there are many highly training alternative practitioners, who bring much to table. I also think if we can get to a point where we are present in our bodies and free our minds, amazing things are possible.

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