Saturday, May 2, 2009


H and I went out last night. We had an Indian Feast and then H suggested we go shopping. We have not gone fun shopping in a long time. In truth I did not need anything, but he suggested we look for something I liked.

We looked at washers and dryers at the Great Indoors. Our front load is one of the first on the market and seven years old, so we are pre-shopping, knowing it may give out and wanting to be on top of our choices.

Then H picked me out something at Ann Taylor Loft, last year everything was print there and this year all solid colors and then he went to the new Forever 21. It is huge at Polaris and in the new outdoor section of the mall there.

I have been clear about my lack of success with the maxi dress. I have tried them on everywhere... with limited success! I even went the route of trying them on at Macy's and Nordstrom, under the theory that more expensive would mean better cut and better quality. Not so much. I had given up.

H talked me into trying on a few at Forever 21 and I am pleased to say, that i found one. It fits nice and it looks nice.

It was a nice relaxed evening and as H said as we drove home, now you have something to wear next weekend, when we go out!

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