Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Monday: B is for Birthdays and C is Cookie

Cookie Monster - C is for Cookie

It is my Birthday Week! Yeah Me! I love birthdays, your birthday, the kids birthdays, H's birthday (even though he refuses to celebrate) and just the idea of Birthdays! I really love my birthday...

So this week kicks off my birthday week! (Well two weeks really, as I have lots of loved ones who want to celebrate with me and I am not going to be around this year for my actual birthday... more about that in a moment.)

As a mostly gluten free vegan, who eats meat and noshes on goat and sheep's milk cheese, birthday cake is mostly, in my opinion, out of the question, as it resembles a mealy rock and it just don't taste like the cake I remember as a child.

I had all but given up on baked goods, at least baked goods that tasted like anything, until I met Carl, the owner of Rogue Bakery. Carl bakes cookies. I can't eat most of Carl's cookies - but you can and you should, he will drop them off at your house, crazy I know, but so crazy it is perfect. There is nothing like a fresh baked, hand delivered cookie, trust me. His cookie are creative and yummy!

Carl's birthday was this past weekend. Cool people have July birthdays. (Happy Birthday Carl!!!)

So - when I first met Carl he was carrying a large tray of amazing cookies. Cookies I couldn't eat. Carl and I were sad. Very sad.

So Carl decided to perfect the perfect  me friendly chocolate cookie. It took some trial and error, but he prevailed.

Hello Chocolate Liberator!

(He also makes a spicy peanut butter cookie which is amazing. I mean super amazing.)

I can eat cookies again, really really good cookies. Gourmet, melt in your mouth, do not crumble, homemade cookies. Just like everyone else. In fact other people eat these cookies and like them and do not smile sympathetically and say things like, "well I guess it is ok, for bein gluten free..."

The Chocolate Liberator was liberating.

On Twitter I created the hashtag, #CisforCookie

And it is!

Now hold your horses, if and I am not being presumptuous, I am not asking you or even hinting that you surf on over to the website and order me birthday cookies. Although that is exactly what I did for E's friend birthday party, I ordered 3 dozen cookies, because they are way less messy than cupcakes, but that is a different matter all together. But back to me and my birthday, if you were to be so motivated, to order me some yummy, yummy Rogue Bakery cookies, I would be hard pressed to refuse them and likely would send you an electronic or hand written thank you note, but said cookies should not arrive until middle of next week. (like after the 18th...)

My birthday is always hot. Mid-July in Ohio is always warm to over warm. One year, when I was L's age my mother made me a cake and it melted, the frosting just plain melted and the top layer of the cake slide clean off the lower layer.

When I turned 17, in Germany, it was very cool. We ate cake and celebrated on my host family's terrace. It was lovely. I think I might have actually worn long pants. We ate a gooseberry and strawberry short cake. Yumm-o!

That year Germany was in the World Cup for Soccer. The final match was played around the 4th of July. I remember being in Bavaria on a trip and we were eating Chinese, in Germany, on the 4th of July and given the win, there were fireworks. It made me less homesick. My brother still has the T-shirt I got him commemorating the win.

Now why, you might be asking yourself is she talking about birthdays and cookies and then goes off on a tangent, about birthdays overseas. Has she lost her mind? (And no I am not that old yet!)

Long and short of it, the reason there will be about two weeks of my birthday this year, is I will be away, we take vacation when the airline says we can and it happens to be the week of my birthday. (Last year it was the week of L's birthday, what can I say, the airline has no regard for our birthdays.)

If you want to know where we went, check back next week for the big reveal. Until then, I highly suggest you go check out the Rogue Bakery website - because Cookie Monster is right - C is for Cookie that is good for me!!!

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