Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Monday: Beatles - Birthday

I know - I wasn't here last week and this week is a drive by! Happy 4th of July! Stay safe while you and your neighbors try to blow each other up with explosives. I mean really roman candles are fun and all, but perhaps you should opt for the more traditional cake and candles. Beer and fire never mix, ba ba baoom...

I will spare you  the civics lesson, but I will remind everyone, as a nation, a culture we are barely hitting our teens. As with all teenagers we are prone to an inflated sense of importance and are generally self absorbed.

That said tip your hat to those men and women, who have given their lives for your freedom. They have believed enough in freedom and the American way of life, to go to war and die. They fought for our freedoms, including my right to speak my mind on this blog.

Attention elected officials - get a clue - you are in service to the people at the peoples pleasure - it is high time you remember that... because on this great day, there are a great many of you, who I do not salute, who I think need a kick in the ass and so many of you make us as Americans look bad. While I am proud to be an American, I am ashamed to have you representing me in any way.

So go out, eat, drink and be merry! A birthday is a celebration of another year coming to pass and to all the future years yet to come. Today we will hit our communities parade and go to one of our favorite parks to see the fireworks.

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