Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday: Bjork - Army of Me

Bjork - Army of Me

It is safe to say - that many of you knew where we went on vacation. For those still in the dark (actually we went to where it is light nearly all day, everyday in the summer) Those in the know follow me on facebook and twitter. (hint, hint)

We went and stayed in Bjork's stomping grounds. Right - Iceland. Why Iceland, because I have have wanted to go there since I was about L's age and I fell in love with the pictures of Iceland in the National Geographic Our World coffee table book. They were so amazingly beautiful.

So when I learned the flight is just over 4 hours from NYC. I was sold.

As I believe in truth in writing, I am writing this post before our trip and scheduling it. Right now we are likely still in bed, as we got back very late last night. I am pre-writing. Later this week, I will upload pictures and give you all the scoop. I am hopeful that we loved the place as much as everyone says we will and that it is as beautiful as it looks online and in coffee table books. Hawaii was, when H and I went there on our honeymoon many, many moons ago. I think volcanic islands have that in common.

Stay tuned. But for now, amuse yourselves with another Bjork hit!

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