Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Series: Iceland Inspired

I took so many pictures in Iceland. I was well and truly inspired. On so many levels. To do the trip justice, I am not going to be able to just write one quick post, the experience was more complex than that. The country, the scenery, the experience more complex than that.

I am not an inexperienced traveler, I have been all over German speaking Europe. I have been to the Caribbean. I have been to another volcanic island, Hawaii. I have been up and down the East coast of the US, all around Florida and many other interesting and beautiful places. Napa Valley, SanFran, NYC, Sleepy Bear Dunes in MI.

There was something very exotic  and very exciting about Iceland. There was something magical about this being the first family vacation, where the kids really could experience it and could do more. No strollers and no naps to think about.

The experience has taken some processing, me thinking about how best to share it, how best to talk about the experience in a detached travel blogger sort of way and then how to explain and share how the experience touched me, changed me, inspired me. I feel energized as a writer after Iceland (maybe it was the act of taking a vacation, I don't know, I can't say.)

So I am going to do a multi-part series. I will tag it Iceland for ease of searching in the future.  Please ask questions, understanding that I am writing this series as I go, based on an outline and will likely write some of it on the fly as the mood strikes me.

For now - look at one of my favorite pictures. I think it answers the question - Why Iceland?

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