Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday: Death Cab for Cutie LIVE

This week I am featuring a band, who I have discussed before in one of my first Music Monday posts. I am re-featuring them, because last week I went to their concert. It was a last minute decision and I am so glad I made the choice to go, even though it might not have been the best thing to do before heading out on a 7 hour road trip. But then, it is about living life and not always doing the best thing.

If you want a professional type concert review, might I suggest you check this post out, which a tweep of mine wrote. (Casey's review is totally worth clicking thru, just sayin! You know you want to.)

For me, the tone deaf, musically clueless, it is less about the music and more about my own senses. I like music that makes me feel. If I am really honest, I am into the lyrics... what the song makes me feel. The musicality is secondary. That said, sometimes a collection of guitar rifs and thumping drums, do make my bones rattles and give me chills, but in general, I am no judge of musicality.

Therefore I have often had a love hate relationship with Death Cab. Musically I think they are great, lyrically, they often grab me by the heart and shake me. As I stood outside, on a relatively comfortable late July night, it hit me. Not only do I generally like their sound, appreciating the musical variety, I am in awe sometimes of the precision of their lyrics. I think their music is precise too, I think they are inclined to be musically perfect, but it is the overall economy of words and the precision of each word that keeps me coming back. This is not poetry of the ambiguous. This is pointed, sometimes sharp and sometimes sentimental. Always moving. This is music with a profound message, if you are willing to really listen. Sure sometimes there is a catchy tune, but that is just the hook, for those on auto-pilot, it makes for charming mood music, but if you listen with your heart as well as your ear, I think you will find an unexpected depth and soul.

I do anyway.

I found these clips on you tube! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed last week's show.

And one of my favs.

The show made me think and I think there will be more poetry, more things to explore. What is music after, if not poetry brought to life.

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