Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday: I will Posses Your Heart

So - I could not imbed the video for this song. Death Cab for Cutie is one of my current favorite groups. I love the music (melody, rhythmn, ect) and I love their lyrics - or rather their lyrics often bother me.

I also happen to absolutely love this video. I love the imagery, I love the woman's presence. I also love the man's determination. The visual of this video is as moving as the music and the lyrics. If they didn't win an award, they should have.

So go watch and listen and hurry back: I Will Posses Your Heart, Death Cab for Cutie

This song also has the power to make me very angry. I wrote a series of poems in response to this song a while back. (Maybe I will repost them at some future date.)

So let's take a step back, because there are times when English, I find, is horribly imprecise. German is a language of precision. There is a word for everything and if there isn't they create a fantastical compound word, which is just the word. This is a moment, where I feel being bilingual both is helpful and a struggle.

The word that I like to describe how I feel when I hear or read certain things which simultaneous draw me in like a powerful magnet and repel me, make me angry, make me uncomfortable, edgy, angsty or otherwise is:

(From dictionary)

ADJ  unbequem | unbequemer | am unbequemsten
unbequemer | unbequeme | unbequemes
unbequemster | unbequemste | unbequemstes

SYNO  kritisch | unbequem | ungelegen ... 


inconvenient {adj} uncomfortably {adv} uncomfortable {adj} inconveniently {adv}

sehr unbequem

damned uncomfortable {adj}

sich unbequem fühlen

to be uneasy to be ill at ease


unintimate {adj} comfortless {adj} uncomfortable {adj} uncomfortably {adv}

ungemütlich [Mensch]

awkward {adj}

jdm. das Leben ungemütlich machen

to make life unpleasant for sb.
My mother in law would make a fantastical face when she used these words when speaking about the feeling I am trying to describe. It is a feeling which is bone, or I suppose soul deep. It is that squirmy feeling, which is not always a bad feeling, it can be good, but it is uncomfortable. It is well, squirmy. This song stirs just those feelings. For me this feeling is the marker of a good song, movie, book, poem. I want to feel something and not just the gushy, puppy and kitties, hearts and flowers swoony nonsense. I don't want to write Hallmark cards. I want to make my readers feel something. Confused works, go work it out. Angry, that works too. I want readers to have to think about what I am saying and then form their own opinions. Confront the face staring back at you in the mirror and engage, engage with the world around you. There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable. There just isn't, other than that feeling forces you to confront something, to dig deeper and address the source of that discomfort. There are no free lunches in life and there are no short cuts either, the only way out is through and as a writer those are the things I want to write about, the stuff that makes you go, "Wow. Oh, Ugh, Eww." I am still not sure how I feel about this song on any given day, but it keeps me coming back, it keeps me thinking, as do most Death Cab songs and that my friends is the writers job. To write something that capatures your attentions and posses your mind for a long time to come. I will leave the hearts to others, but I want your mind, if only for the time it takes you to read to my words.

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