Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Monday: Brick Songs

Today I am thinking about bricks - not the kind that require mortar though, today I am thinking about Lego Bricks.

Yesterday I took the kids to the Lego KidsFest in Cleveland. You really haven't lived until you watch your kids sit in a pile of 40,000 plus lego bricks and build like crazy. How about monochrome building stations? Giant lego murals.

Insane - totally insane.

Yesterday I learned that legos do in fact come in pretty pink and that both of my children have fantastic imaginations and can build a wide variety of things if given the chance. I joined in the fun also, it really was an event designed to spark your creativity.

So today I offer three songs about bricks.

First a snazzy remix of the Pink Floyd Classic Another Brick in the Wall.

I also particularly like this one...

Arctic Monkeys - Brick by Brick

And finally another classic... It seems fitting - considering I saw all manner of inspiring brick art and brick houses or more correctly house like structures....

The Commodores - Brick House

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