Monday, November 21, 2011

NOPHO Week 3 - Elegant - Runner Up

I think this reads more regal than elegant.

She is a beauty and she knows it. Her color is pink with skeleton's on it. She is a goth cat, our Snickers. This picture shows off her amazing stripes and lovely caramel colors. It also shows her eye, which isn't exactly right. Much better after her surgery. She is perched on H's car, which was warm, I had just come back from being out to lunch and running errands. She sits on the cars alot, she likes to be up. She can also see into the house from this vantage point.

This will be our second winter with Snicker's I think. We have tricked out her winter abode and she has a very plushy bed. This is the time of year where she stays closer to home and eats alot of cat food.

What can I say - she is Queen of the Garage. And wants every body to know it.

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