Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday: Imagine & Strawberry Fields Forever

I plan to do a longer entry about E and I's trip to NYC but as our tour bus passed the Dakota, which is the sight of John Lennon's murder and the tour guide told us about the Strawberry Fields Memorial (she seemed to indicate that the memorial itself wasn't all that note worthy),  all I could think about was when played Imagine at my mother's funeral. It was one of her favorites.

The Dakota - site of John Lennon's murder, view from the upper deck of the Grey Line tour bus.

I am not sure how she felt about Strawberry Fields Forever. I know she wasn't into their Stgt. Pepper phase...

New York is such an amazing and crazy city. So many people come to visit for a variety of reasons. So many people choose to make it there home.

When L was 6 and my mom 60, I took them to NYC around Christmas. Mom had wanted to go to NYC and I thought L was old enough. It was chilly, but wonderful. E asked for his turn last year, but it was impossible last fall, so we did it now.

E snoozed on my lap as we drove past the Dakota and the Strawberry Fields memorial. I thought how my mother would have loved to jump off here and at least look. That music and those events meant something to her.

If I learned only one lesson -- and truly I learned more from her illness -- but the biggest lesson is to do the things you want to do NOW. Don't put them off. There is nothing more important than living the life you have NOW. Don't put it off. Go out there and seize the day. Nothing lasts forever-- not even strawberry fields.

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