Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Veggies!

There will be no update this week. Sorry guys. With the storms and the heat, I have been eating raw and hiding out.

Also Green Bean canceled for this week. They are such a good company. Instead of trying to piece it together and make their employees drive on roads in unknown states of safeness and deliver to people who really have nowhere to put their produce (and no way to contact them with no electricity or internet access) given they still have no power, they deferred. I love them for it! That is putting people before profits and that is what a community partner does. We can all wait until the roads are safe and the power is back on.

I also want to give a shout out to Whole Foods Dublin. They had cooling and charging stations set up in the store and provided free water and snacks to those with no power. I love that. That is what a true community partner does. Full disclosure: I am a Whole Foods shareholder. I have been since 2000. They are a good company, who has found a way to be big and still treat their employees and the community they do business in ethically. I really don't care if some things cost more-- it is worth it.

And last but not least: My CSA from Wayward Seed. There is no Dublin Market on July 4th -- so I will not be picking up my share this week until Saturday at the Worthington market. I am happy to report that we have eaten most of what we got and mostly raw, as it has just been too hot to cook. I do see a peach pie in our future and I did sautee the summer squash and new potatoes with some onion and it was yummy. Very fresh and like a taste of summer.

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