Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Irony

I stumbled upon this cartoon via various Twitter sources and I think it is worthy of posting. The thing I cannot  stand most about most people is the hypocrisy of their opinions, most especially about politics, most especially about the legislation of social issues.

I love that Senators on the far right, who keep trying to slap their religious views all over my body, bristle over the fact that the Congress passed a health care tax package(so says the Supreme Court-- who totally made a judicially conservative ruling btw), which they reject.

So which is it-- the government can control women's access to health care but women's and women's alone? A woman's employer should have more rights than she in the matters of insurance coverage based on his or her religious values-- even though the employer requires her to pay a portion of the premium? I have seen in my life time the erosion of my choices and the availability of those choices. I have been denied care by a pharmacist who did not agree with the availability of a drug which has FDA approval. I shelled out roughly 14% of my take home pay to purchase an insurance policy, which covered nothing in terms of GYN care or birth control... because my employer thought it was trivial. A little known fact-- most of us are covered under ERISA health care plans-- so guess what-- the government has been involved in your health care insurance for a long time-- the Department of Labor to be specific.

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