Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer yarden

To say that the bulk of this summer has been brutal is not overstatement. We have had some epic thunder storms and unprecedented temperatures and heat index readings. Our grass has felt more like a Brillo pad than a lush green carpet.

I will give H props. He has tended his tomato plants and we are starting to see the fruits of his labor. We have had to water nearly every day.

While H is laboring in the yarden, some us prefer to laze around. This planter of catnip and the hostas are her favorite lounging spaces.

H has celebrated the few but mighty raspberries he has grown. We got some transplants last summer from a twitter connection. I will admit, those berries are very tasty.

H has invested in anti-deer netting

Last year I feared our blacked eyed Susans were all gone. This year we have a few volunteer-- on the opposite of the yarden. I don't ask, I just enjoy the flowers where they choose to flourish.

My glads have really, really struggled this summer for obvious reasons. H and I were laughing the other morning, it is funny how they bloom in shifts. Nice, but strange.

These were the first to bloom

Then these beauties (see the brown grass...)

and after last week's rain, these bright yellow ones joined us

For years this was tiny and low to the ground. This year it achieved bush status. I bought it for 99 cents late a few summers ago. I have no idea what it is.
Normally these guys wait until August-- but since August weather joined us in early July, they can be excused for being seasonally confused.

It hasn't been all joy in the yarden this summer. Our trees have taken it tough with the strong winds and we lost our beautiful titmouse. I assume he is fine, but his house was lost cause.

Apparently he did not have insurance and honestly, I didn't see anyway to put his shattered abode back together again.
I am hoping the increase in rain will get the yard greener again and keep the flowers coming well into the fall.

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