Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baked Potato Broccoli Soup

Baked Potato Broccoli Soup

As part of my New Me month, I made this soup the other day. We had bits of this and that and since going grain free/grain reduced, poor H is kinda hungry. The kids have adapted to grain-less dinners, H however has not.

I made chicken tenders (me friendly, using besan aka chick pea flour to bread them) and cooked up a bunch of broccoli.

We had a tad bit of plain Chobani Greek Yogurt left over from the Mango Lassis the kids and I made, and a bit of cheese and some chicken stock. This summer we have been getting the nicest Ohio grown organic potatoes from Wayward seed.

I decided to make a healthy soup for H and I.

So I cut up two good sized potatoes. (like the size of my fist) You can use more smaller ones if that is what you have. (As you have all been warned-- when I bake I measure, when I am cooking I eyeball it, fly by the seat of pants and make do with whatever I have.) I boiled them-- hint the smaller you dice them, the quicker they cook. Then need to cook the potatoes to the point that they mash easily with a fork.

When potatoes are done, drain and mash in the pot you cooked them in.

While they are cooking-- cook the broccoli. I prefer my broccoli firm, but you do whatever you want. You could also use left over broccoli or asparagus for that matter. Save the cooking water if you blanched it.

I cooked a huge head of broccoli, so I grabbed two generous handfuls. So maybe 2 cups. Again use how much you like or have on hand. Chop it finely.

After you have mashed the potatoes, add the chicken stock (don't have chicken stock, then use the broccoli cooking water, or water or milk and water or veggie stock.) I used what was left over, so about 2-21/2 cups. Make it to taste, some people like a thinner soup. I was going for a chunky thicker soup. Again, up to you.

Stir and bring to a gently boil. Then I reduced the heat, tossed in the broccoli and about 1/3 c of the yogurt (again what was left. I was cleaning out the fridge.) Stir until smooth. Then I sprinkled in maybe 1/4 c cheese. Again to taste.

Switch off the heat and serve.

I generally do not do dairy, but I am finding that a little bit here and there is tolerable. Hence I used more chicken stock and less dairy... you could just as easily use more dairy and less stock.

Soup was tasty and filling. H is really watching his salt intake, so I did not season the soup and it was just fine. Enough salt in the stock and cheese. If you prefer more salt, taste it and add some. Had I used my own homemade chicken stock, I would have added a pinch of salt.


Amy said...

Yum! So glad it's finally soup weather again. If you're ever searching for more creative ways to use up some CHO, check out our Pinterest board with fan-created recipes!


Karen said...

That sounds really yummy! You can reprise this for me anytime! :-)

Susan said...

Hi @Amy-- thanks for stopping by...I will check that out. My relationship with dairy is rocky, but I seem to tolerate Chobani reasonably well... maybe the reduced amount of lactose.

@Karen-- I will absolutely make it again... it was so easy and yummy and H took it in his lunch to work, which means it freezes ok.