Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday: The Piano

So this is hands down one of my favorite songs-- every... I LOVE piano music. I just do... I always have... This movie is amazing and the short story it is adapted from is amazing. The soundtrack is amazing. In my top 20 for sure.

I hinted on Twitter that I was up to something and that I was proving to myself I actually can do something I was convinced I couldn't. I have been so proud of myself. So tickled every other Monday.

Today I let two poeple I care deeply for, know what I was doing and have decided to let the cat out of the bag.

I am taking piano lessons.

Yes, I am 39 years old and I am taking piano lessons. (From an amazing teacher to boot.)

I have always wanted to play the piano. As a kid there was no money for piano lessons and we didn't have a piano.

I was asked to leave the choir by the middle choir director... actually he told me I could stay if I just didn't sing. But seriously, what is the point.

I tried my hand at the viola, but it did not excite me... nor did the cello. I was also told maybe I just didn't have it...

When H and I took dance lessons, timing and rhythm did not come naturally. I assumed this meant I was just not able to do music. I am not sure I am not tone deaf and I defiantly do not have perfect pitch. But then again, Beethoven did some of his greatest work, after becoming completely deaf.

I have always felt music was just not to be mine. I could enjoy others accomplishments, but I would never make music.

A month or so ago, I decided this was crazy. I should try. Really I should just try. I had nothing to lose other than a little bit of pride. In no other area have I let fear rule my decisions. I am fairly fearless and generally totally willing to land on my ass. I mean I tried snow boarding awhile back and didn't die.

Well after a few lessons, I am playing, slowly and just baby steps, but today after my lesson, I felt so excited. I am doing it. It is work, I practice, I need to practice more, but I am doing it. I am learning to read music and I am learning to make my fingers do what they need to do.

Honestly, if I had to stop today, that would be enough. I have proven, I can do it. I am not music stupid. I am not unable.

That is huge.

And I don't have to stop today and maybe, if I work hard enough and long enough, one day I will play this song. I will be able to play one of my favorite songs.

How totally cool is that???

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