Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY: Girl purse from a skirt

I made this a good while back, it was only as I was repairing it, that I decided I should feature it on the blog.

L had this skirt when she was in preschool. My mom got it for her and it was a favorite. She wore it, until one day, she ripped one of the tiers and I couldn't fix it but I hated to throw the skirt away.

I found some pink purse handles at JoAnn's and decided that I could re-purpose this favorite.

Step one: Turn skirt inside out. Cut to size if needed. I think a skirt with an A-line will work best, but having said that, a straight one would work too.

Step two: Turn the skirt inside out and sew the bottom closed. I double stitched mine. You could reinforce the bottom too, if you wanted to.

Step three: Decide if you want to have a closure of some sort on the top. Since this was an adjustable waist skirt, I rigged up a closure using the existing button holes. I will be the first to admit, that this did not survive for very long. L and I have decided she does not need a closure, she can stuff more in it without one.

Step four: Figure out the placement of your handles. I used very sturdy bias tape this time. The first time, I used some of the fabric from the lower hem, that I had cut off. My first attempt was stylish and held up for a good while, but my recent repair went more for substance, less style. Really it is a personal preference. I would double or triple stitch the handle loops and back stitch for good measure.

And Viola! You have a purse from a skirt. L carries this around all the time. She loves it.

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