Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beware of waffles

So, I almost caved today and ate - gasp! -a waffle at brunch. They looked so yummy on the buffet table. I could live without the toast, the biscuits, the English muffins - but the waffle looked so good. Golden and crisp and warm. (I happen to be crazy about waffles. They were at one point in time my favorite breakfast......)

However, I did not cave. I stayed strong and on the wheat-free, dairy-free and corn free program. I mean, I feel the best I have ever felt. My work outs are better - I am running about 4 miles now. Did I mention that I feel great and since I began eliminating wheat and corn from my diet (dairy is an old one) I have lost on average 8 - 10 pounds. Which is huge! Also, no more eczema like rash, appearing out of nowhere from time to time.

Did I mention that I feel great?

So I gave the waffles one more longing glance and headed back to my table, with a plate of fresh fruit, 2 sausage links and a veggie omelet - hold the cheese!

Because honestly - there is more to life than waffles - right?


IHateToast said...

just eat the memory of waffles. i can do that. i can remember the butter collecting in the little dips. and that's plenty.

what do you have for brekky now?

Susan said...

Well, eggs work. Wheat free gronola bars, oatmeal.

I really love Lara Bars - can you get those down under?