Thursday, March 22, 2007

Planes - Buses - Cars

We made it. Three planes and about 28 hours later we had made it. There were some interesting moments - like the bus ride to the main terminal in Frankfurt. Then we sat a bit and then another bus ride to our plane to Muenster.

After arriving in Muenster we took another bus to our friends house.

We then broke the cardinal rule for beating jet lag and took a nap. Seriously, I could not have stayed awake for all the money in the world. After our nap, we took a trip to the store and had dinner.

Then we went to sleep at 9 pm and slept until 10:15 am this morning. I still feel a bit disoriented but by tomorrow I should be good as new.

I also have to say kudos to P. He was a great help with the little people, which is good as he has one on the way.

I will share one humorous story. We flew on a very small British Aero Space turbo prop to Muenster. To board the plane, we had to climb the shakiest looking stairs I have ever seen. Everyone was in a big hurry and they all apperantly needed glasses - as they shove past me, holding L's hand, with the car seat backpack on, with my purse and E in my arms. I mean - no problem I could stand there all day. I will say one kind gentleman did stop, to inform me that E's shoelaces were untied! Oh, ok I will get right on that with my extra set of hands.

But all in all the trip here went better than expected. I have a great friend and great kids!