Sunday, March 4, 2007

Death by Chocolate....well sort of

You know some days are just better than others. Yesterday in general was a good day, until after diner when I tried to bake my brothers birthday cake. I got L & E settled down, and then set out to bake a flourless chocolate cake. I am on a wheat-free, corn-free, and dairy-free regime and my bro is working hard to lose some extra pounds. So I thought this might be a good choice for us all. (I figured the leftovers could go home to the bros housemates!)

So I grabbed my trusty mix-master, chopped 12 oz of yummy chocolate, melted some butter and beat the snot out of 6 eggs with sugar. (Let's face it, it is always better to beat stuff up with sugar, right?) I lined my springform pan with parchment paper - so my cake would have a smooth top and since this was a special birthday - I went ala Martha and made a stencil out of parchment - "30" that's right - he is 30! I was going to put powered sugar on top using the stencil.

I was living large......

So I beat the eggs and sugar, folded in the melted chocolate and butter and filled up my spring form. Popped it in the over and settle down with some tea, to watch some television as it baked.

So 15 minutes into my rest break, I hear this "Pop, whoosh!".... think it is outside and keep on resting. Then I start to smell this awful burning chocolate smell. (Ok, strange the cake is supposed to bake for an hour!) Go into the kitchen to check it out - Yep, you guessed it, cake everywhere all over the oven. One big, huge, gooey cake eruption & explosion. Yikes. So I switched off the oven and let the thin layer of cake left in the pan cool and cleaned up the best I could.

Needless to say the cake was well -- Toast!

So I served Girl Scout Thin Mints and Raspberries - because really - chocolate in any form is really ok! (I refrained from the cookies and went right for the dark chocolate I had tucked away!) Everyone seemed happy and chocolate satisfied!

Happy Birthday, little brother :)

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Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

That sounds exctly like something I would do lol