Saturday, August 11, 2007


L is a question asking machine. She questions everything. All the time. But rarely does she ask Why. Oh, no that would be too easy for me. I could give her the standard Mommy - "Because" and move on.

No, really she and Anderson Cooper should get together. She not only wants to know why, but how, when and who and then she takes a run at figuring out the philosophical themes underlying the situation she is questioning. As a mom I am so proud of her intellectual questing and her nimble little mind. As a mom, I am also frequently mentally exhausted by her questions. I mean, enough already.

My mother likes to point out that I was the same. I was a questioning nag as well. (What goes around comes around perhaps?)

I am still the same frankly. I am full of questions. I love to ask questions. I like to do the mental exercises. It is good for your mind. (It keeps my little voice busy sometimes.) I love to learn stuff. It is exciting to learn something new and sometimes it is scary, disheartening and necessary. I also now, sometimes spend alot of time dwelling on the answers. I have the time and I have been dwelling alot of late.

Recently, someone told me that sometimes some questions simply have no answers. It is as it is. There is simply no answer for the question: "Why?" I think she is right. Part of becoming wiser I think is the wisdom to simply just accept that somethings just are. There is no answer. It just is, there is no reason, philosophical or otherwise. This is hard to accept, me being a bit "Why" obsessed.

As alluded to in my previous post, I indicated that I have been expending a great deal of mental energy thinking about various issues. I have been using the anti-Why lens a bit and you know what, on certain topics, I have decided that it is true. There is no why - and with that realization came real understanding. Sometimes there is an answer, but it is not neat and tidy and it does not answer the why - exactly. It is messy and untidy. Life is sometimes messy and untidy and that is ok.

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