Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thoughts a jumbled

I have not written her much. I also have not written much on either story I am supposed to be working on. (Sven is angry about that, but I told him to go pick on someone else.) I have been writing however, just not on either of those works. I have been writing in my journal a ton - the journal that is for me. I have been trying to straighten the thoughts out, make them make sense.

This for me is why I turned to writing many years ago, as a means to get the thoughts and feelings out. Expressing my feelings in person is hard. Verbalizing them is damn near impossible, with out a ton of practice (see my 100th post) but writing them, wow, if I just let myself go and write and write, they flow and eventually they make sense, eventually I reach a place where they make sense to me.

It is as if after all that writing, the answer is just there. Not always a break through, but a peace - not a truce - but an honest to goodness peace, a moment of clarity.

So hopefully now, with that dealt with, I can move forward with the business at hand - the better for the break but ready to attach the story that I want to get written.

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