Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bourne or Bond?

I just read the August 3rd addition of the USA Today and they have a great compare and contrast piece on Bourne and Bond. I happen to be a fan of Jason Bourne. I like his determination and his persistence. He feels more real to me. I know I am supposed to feel for the somewhat tortured James Bond - but really I do not. With Jason, we see a strong and principled man seeking the truth. James Bond is busy drinking Martini's and chasing lovely ladies.

I think in the post- 9/11 era we are quick to think that the ends justify the means. That we can do whatever it takes to hold the wave of terror back. (Like invading a country and then hanging its dictator. MMMM, that's currently not working so well, now is it?) That aside, I think the Bourne series reminds us that there will always be consequences. Someone will get hurt, someone who maybe should be alive at the end of the day will not be, that the world is not black and white, that the little people will in fact get in the way, that there is never one simple and easy answer to the questions that face us and finally, that the human spirit will ultimately always demand its due. While some people can ignore their basic humanity for a certain period of time - or is Jason's case it can be conditioned out of him, at a certain point that little part of us, which separates us from our close animal relations - will hopefully push forward and set us on the right path.

I will not lie to you, I love the Bond movies, I like the action and adventure, but I really like the Bourne series. For the Bond movies the action is the story, with Bourne, the story is deeper than the action, the action is an accident, it is the quest for truth and understanding which drives the plot.

So what do you think?

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IHateToast said...

i like them for different reasons. ultimatum just opened today, so i haven't seen that yet.

i like bourne because of the intrigue. i like bond because of the style and class. but only old bond. gimme sean connery. i like the other bonds, but only love sean.
want to try the new bond. he seems classy, too.

love the thin man series. love mysteries with a bit of class.

bourne i love for the action and the underdog.