Sunday, August 5, 2007

Riding in the Rain

Today H and I took the little people to an outdoor festival. We rode our bikes as it was not far from our house and I have become a biking junky. I love that I can combine outside time with my workout- it is fabulous!

So even with the threat of rain, off we went. We had a great time and then as we headed home the skies opened up and it was heavenly. The warm rain, gently pelting my skin. I loved it, it was as if the tears of heaven were reaching me.

I never used to enjoy the outdoors like I do now. I am drawn to the rhythm of nature. I like the feeling of the rain. I did not mind that my clothes were soaking wet and I did not mind that my hair was wet, in fact for the rest of the day I have enjoyed my soft rain conditioned hair and the smell of the earth, that I somehow absorbed during the ride.

There is something about rain in the summer time. It is cleansing and it gives everything a glow. When the weather is gloomy and rainy and cold, I am not happy to the see it rain. But in the summer, the rain is peaceful and soothing, it is warm and feels a bit like the shower.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful time

Susan said...

Hi Terra!

We did have a wonderful time. The rain was lovely - certainly beats the 90 plus degrees today and the humidty. Ucky!

Thanks for reading & commenting!

IHateToast said...

summer rains are great. they do feel like a shower. i also prefer to be drenched than just a little wet. i like the subtropics over melbourne's weather. think cold and drizzly. ew.