Friday, August 17, 2007

A lesson learned...

Tuesday was as always a busy day. I workout and then try to squeeze in errands. H was home and E stayed home with him and L went with me to work out and then to the grocery story. I was feeling pressed for time because I had made plans to go with L to a friends house that afternoon. I hurried home from the store put everything away and then jumped into preparing lunch - so that I could get E down for his nap on time.

I was making a salad for me and BLTs for everyone else. Easy. Generally we grill the bacon outside on the grill - using a griddle - so that the house does not smell like bacon for days to come. H volunteered to handle the bacon. So I forgot about that and continued on the rest of the prep.

Then H comes inside and opens a beer and sits at the kitchen table to watch me cook and to talk to me. After a bit, I remembered the bacon. He ran outside and it was burned and I was a bit mad. I yelled a little and was generally being naggy and he pushed back a bit.

I could tell it was important for him to be right. He said I should have reminded him. Which I did not agree with. Honestly I was enjoying our conversation so much, I was not thinking about anything else.

Sitting at the table the most startling thought occurred to me. I should be happy that watching me and talking to me was more important that 5 strips of bacon. Really - H was more interested in spending time with me.

I was thinking about this again at the park with the kids today. Why do we let real life - the schedules and stuff get in the way of what is really important. The love of my life was focused on what I had to say - I was upset about bacon. It is not even in the same ballpark.

I wonder how many other busy wives and husbands fall into this same trap - when the when, where and how become more important that the why, than the love that brought them together, than the need to talk and connect. I think we fill our lives with so much unimportant stuff that we are too tired or distracted to focus on the truly important stuff - to love and connect to each other.

Truly I ask you, what is more important or feels better than being the sole focus of the one you love's attention?

I am glad I learned that, because I would be very sad to lose that which I value so much...

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IHateToast said...

it's good to have these moments if it means that you take the time to think about them. some wouldn't pause and the bacon problem would just fester.

and now you probably have a good inside joke. you can always lighten the moment with a "c'mon, it's just bacon."

bacon. you are so much better than bacon.