Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's going to be ok

L starts kindergarten this coming week. I am fine with this transition. I am pretty sure that when my friends describe me sentimental is not one of the first adjectives, which comes to mind. I view my job as a mother to be pretty simple - raise a well adjusted and productive member of society. I am here to guide, to love and to treasure every day I have been given with L and E. However, there is a progressive nature to this journey and I am to go with it, I cannot stop the passage of time and to do so would be to their detriment. For every season, there is... - or so the sound goes.

L is having some trouble with this transition however. She has been very quiet and sulky for a few days now. Today she downright grouchy and mean. I was a little bit worried, as this is not normal for her. Some angst, but not this much.

So tonight as we were getting ready for bed she tells me, "Mom, you know - change - well change is good. Just like with caterpillars - they change into butterflies. So you see it will be alright, change is good."

Well, I guess that settles that.

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