Monday, October 1, 2007

5 reasons I think I might be too old to read Cosmo

I usually do not read and run - it is hazardous to my health. However today I did the elliptical as some cross training today and to give the knees a break. (Yes I know the race is coming up JS, but after 2 babies and being 34 - a girl has to be careful.) So while I was looking through the magazines I pulled out the October edition of Cosmopolitan. Now let me be the first to say that I love Cosmo. I have read it since I was in my mid teen years - but today I felt like perhaps I was getting too old to be reading Cosmo:

1. In several articles, there was mention of living at home still. Or living with parents or going to visit your honey and they live at home. Wow, I have not really lived at home since I was say 19 years old.

2. During the career pieces, everyone is very worried about their first "real" job. Or there is discussion about getting that first promotion. MMMM, wow that seems like a long time ago.

3. One women was lamenting the fact that her boyfriend always leaves to go home in the predawn. She was really wondering what that meant. (News flash - that means he is not all that into you or he has an early meeting or he needs to invest in a good overnight bag.) My only predawn lament is a) H is not home to take a turn tackling whatever problem L or E is having b) or when H is home, what are the chances we can sneak in some cuddle time - before they need something.

4. That almost all the men and women featured in the true confession segments are younger than me by at least 5 year. Shit when did that happen?

5. That the hottie bachelor or steamy superstar featured is also younger then me by 5 years. MMMM.

Now all of that aside the 2 reasons I will more than likely still read Cosmo from time to time:

1. They can do a fashion spread to die for in my book. Love it. Maybe would never wear it - but love it!

2. Articles like the one this month on the combo full body orgasm - because let's be honest - when I am too old for that - I hope I am dead!

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IHateToast said...

you have to love the FBO articles.