Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well that was fun...

That is what I turned to JS and said at 10.78 miles after we had run a brisk jog. I was smiling when I said it. In fact the entire 1/2 marathon experience was FUN! Now let me just say that the longest I have ever managed to run is 7.5 miles. I should have been able to run 10 miles - but I never got there - so we did walk a good bit of the course - say from 7.5 miles thru about mile 11.5 or so - but it was a fast walk. So I will recap random thoughts about the day - since I am feeling a bit random and putting it into usable prose is not going to happen.

1. I took chap stick. Yep - I had it in my sock. It was me and chap stick. I had not given a thought to food for during the race, car keys or otherwise. JS had her camel pack and a running watch with GPS and the whole deal. She had said if I wanted to run ahead I could. I asked her if she was nutts. She had all the good stuff - I was sticking to her like glue.

2. We ran the 1st mile in under 10 minutes. In fact we were moving at a fast clip for the 1st three. So I now know that my race style is more 5k than say 1/2 marathon. I like to bust it out and be done - thank you very much. I also know that I could run a 10 K and do ok also. I will not be attempting the full marathon anytime soon.

3. L asked me tonight if I won the race. Well not exactly. I mean I finished. I actually did it in under 3 hours - which for someone this time last year would tell people she would only run if chased. I mean a few years ago- if you told me I would run and finish a 13.1 mile- race - I would have told you that you lost your mind.

4. I noticed that girls tend to run in twos. JS and I ran together and we were not alone. In fact there where two girls dressed as rabbits - complete with pick knees socks. There were also many couples - I guess it is a great way to spend time together. However - I am not sure H is going to be running with me anytime soon. Besides he runs too fast - I am realistic about just how much I can take.

5. I had taken one of my favorite ABC cookies with me for after the race. I was so looking forward to it smeared in peanut butter. In fact at mile 10 I was really thinking about that cookie. So when the race ended and I could actually eat my cookie - well I did not want it anymore. Further proof that God is not a woman - a woman would have fixed the comic gliche that would do such a thing to a person who had just run/walked 13.1 miles. I still do not want that cookie - darn it! (For those wondering - yeah - I kinda wanted to puke...)

6. Not that I want anyone to think that I am superwoman - birthing babies the old fashion way and all - but because God is not a woman - it happened that my period started on Friday evening, Nice! But still managed it ok.

So the big question is who will be joining us for next years race? I mean we plan to do it in 2.5 hours. If you get off your butt now - you just might make it!

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