Monday, October 15, 2007

Daylight and Dark

H and I have hit a parenting milestone. We are done with diapers - during the day. E is in underwear and doing fine. It was painless. With L the entire potty training process closely resembled HELL. I mean I was ready to ship her back and demand a refund. It has been the greatest parenting challenge to date. I was dreading even thinking about it with E. But H - my knight in shinning armor - was home for a week and decided we should try - I mean if he had not taken the lead - I was fully prepared to let E go to college in diapers.

Well - all in all it truly is up to the child. E took to it. Is doing great. I mean this is who those freaky people who right the how to books are patterning their examples after.

This leads me to another thought. We have two totally different little people. As individual as they come. My mother says the same thing about my brother and I. She says she has daylight and dark.

I have to say that E and L have many similar traits and they are also - in the areas they are different - a great compliment to each other. For all of L's intensity E is laid back. For all of her enthusiasm, E is understated and quiet. L will dive in head first and E stands back to consider the possibilities.

E is the child that would convince you to have more. That however is not going to happen - we are content to enjoy them each for the individuals they are and enjoy their differences and similarities.

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